It's said that pictures speak a thousand words, well that gets exponentially multiplied when talking through video content. 

InstaVid offers motor dealerships the opportunity to increase sale conversions by 50% and reduce 'no shows' to almost zero simply by sending interested customers video content over just text or images.

We take all the hard work out of the video creation by automatically branding your video with custom intro's and endings and even convert it to multiple formats to ensure it can be viewed on the go.

All you need to do is point, shoot, and discuss the key features your customer enquired on.



With over 7 million South Africans having access to email and internet and over 4 million of those using social media, the vast majority of your customer base is now socially sharing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of services received by companies.

FirstSnap now offers dealerships an innovative way to send branded photographs of customers at their happiest - when taking ownership of their new vehicle - and allows them to instantly share it to their friends.

FirstSnap is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. All branding and email templates are designed in accordance with manufacturer CI guidelines.



Touch screens are the most non-invasive ways for customers just interested in browsing your dealership floor to access detailed information without needing a sales representative.

With TouchDirect, dealerships can now add a silent salesman to their showrooms ready to let customers browse through real-time stock, view digital brochures, make enquiries and even share content with friends.

Our software allows you to maintain content centrally from anywhere and ensures all connected dealerships are updated autonomously when the doors are closed.


Portal Advertising

Our partner sites generate traffic in excess of 100,000 visitors per month, with each customer genuinely interested in motor-related content and most looking to purchase new or used vehicles.

We offer targeted, cost-effective banner advertising and vehicle listing services on all of our partner sites.

Visit our partner portals below:



Drivers’Circle® is a complete customer relationship management (CRM) and direct marketing solution tailored to the automotive industry.

Advanced CRM enables dealerships to effectively increase sales and maximize service capacity by delivering outstanding customer service.

Visit the Drivers’Circle® website for more detailed information.