Video Sells Cars

We all know the notion of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – but did you know that you could increase car and part sales by utilising video?

InstaVid offers businesses a unique opportunity to significantly enhance their customer satisfaction whilst also increasing overall sales and retention by engaging customers through a simple yet innovative video messaging service that automatically brands and distributes them. 

But InstaVid doesn't just stop at user-created content, it also allows for the setup and distribution of high-quality, professionally shot and edited footage that can be used for all sorts of generic messages tailored for mass audiences.

Custom User-generated Video Content

InstaVid allows your staff to create videos directly from an Apple or Android phone via a free app or by uploading it from you PC.

The application then brands your video and sends a personalised email to the recipient with a preview image and a link to your video - view sample

Furthermore, you even get notified once the recipient views your video, thus enabling you to anticipate their call or to follow up yourself, at the right time.

Professional Pre-Recorded Video Content

InstaVid also offers fixed video content ranging from Generic Welcome to Sales and/or after sales enquiry video messages. The entire process is hassle-free and the professional video production services are brought directly to you - view sample

HD quality videos will be produced and the InstaVid system will allow for the videos to be sent directly to your customer database.

Simply import your customer database and select which pre-recorded message you want to be sent to them and let InstaVid do the rest.

Interested in these great benefits?

  • Greater levels of customer engagement;
  • Automated/guaranteed/outsourced management of data upload and dispatch;
  • No hardware/software investment;
  • The choice of sending via email or SMS;
  • Increased sales, satisfaction and retention;
  • Low monthly fee.

Send via Email or SMS 

In addition to sending branded email messages to your customers, we also allow for messaging via SMS as all InstaVid messages are mobile responsive and play back on all modern devices.


The InstaVid app is available free for download in both Apple and Android stores.

Please note that you will require login credentials to access the full app functionality which you can receive requesting a demo using the form above.

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