As franchised dealers begin to embrace new ways of engaging with consumers, it is important to constantly review the tools available in their digital marketing tool-kits, with good Database Management being at the helm of it all.

With technology having progressed to a point where it is now possible to collect, store, analyse and manipulate massive volumes of data faster than ever before, dealerships can now improve on their internal reporting and productivity, identify and manage risks, and even monitor company performance more effectively by simply collecting and building bigger databases - ultimately saving them both time and money.

But how can dealership take full advantage of data to give them the competitive edge?

“The key here is that the digital revolution isn’t just about the quantity of data available, but the quality, richness and diversity of that data,” said Tom Lewis, a partner at PwC.

“Companies can now monitor what people look at on their websites, where they go in their stores and what they say about both experiences on social media – all in real time. The sheer volume of data is what makes personalisation possible and that’s an idea whose time has very definitely come.”

But big data alone is not enough, very easily dealerships can often corrupt their own data by allowing too many staff members access to it. This is why it's important to have the processes in place for a single entity to be responsible for looking after it, running quality reports, cleansing and maintaining the data and examining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through SMS, email and direct marketing.

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