New Car Deals, an online portal for new motor vehicles, has changed the way South Africans purchase their cars. The website offers pre-negotiated discounts on new vehicles to consumers, with some models boasting discounts of up to 20% off the recommended retail price.

Although vehicle broker sites like this have existed for many years in overseas markets, the concept is a first for South African consumers, who are now able to browse a wide range of makes and models and compare real-time discounts offered by participating dealerships in the various provinces around South Africa.

After submitting an enquiry through the website, a dealership will follow-up with the customer and provide a detailed quote for a vehicle at the New Car Deals discounted price. Should the customer accept the offer, the deal will be concluded between the dealership and the customer directly.

"The process is completely risk-free for the consumer", explains Robert Bayer, Product Manager at New Car Deals.
"The consumer gets a great deal straight away, that's the real difference. If the consumer doesn't go ahead with the deal after receiving a quotation, there are no costs or payments whatsoever. In any event, the consumer only pays the discounted price to the dealership or arranges the finance for the lesser amount and never pays New Car Deals anything.", Bayer continues.

All vehicles are sold through manufacturer franchises, and carry a full manufacturer warranty. Additional services through the dealership, such as finance and insurance are available to the consumer and even a trade-in of an old vehicle can be arranged. Delivery can be taken at the dealership or the vehicle can be delivered anywhere in the country for a nominal fee. Like with any vehicle, the consumer has the choice of servicing the vehicle at any dealership of choice.

Dealerships, aside from selling more vehicles through New Car Deals, also benefit from the concept by being able to discounts vehicles where they need to free up capital and get rid of excess stock.

Since the website's launch in May earlier this year, vehicle sales in excess of 30 Million Rand have already been recorded originating from New Car Deals leads.


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